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    Our company is an experienced and knowledgeable New England tree service team assisting homeowners and property managers throughout the greater South Shore Massachusetts region. We provide a wide range of tree services and landscaping options to fit your home, property, corporate courtyard, or park. No job is too big or too small for our Brockton Tree team. We are fully stocked with equipment that can handle any size job.

    Big jobs or small, many people contact us for tree services to improve the appearance of the property. Our professional team is well-trained in performing every job with safety as a top priority. We also offer free tree estimates so don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a quality reliable and affordable tree service company near you. 

    Within our range of services we offer tree removal and trimming, stump grinding and removal, and emergency tree services to ensure that any unsafe conditions on your property are assessed and corrected immediately. Brockton Tree has developed a high reputation for professional tree services throughout Brockton Massachusetts and surrounding towns.


    Massachusetts is well-known and loved for its greenery. This green environment may grow rampant on its own but the risk of safety, insect infestation, and deterred growth requires a bit of human intervention.  Although many homeowners try to take on these tasks themselves they are often overwhelmed by the task. The maintenance to keep the plant life in the area looking great and healthy however requires quite a bit more than most people suspect. It isn’t as simple as hacking away at a few branches, especially in the New England area. With the heavy snowfall and rains, soil or the structural integrity of the tree can quickly become compromised and these jobs can quickly become dangerous. Trust professionals with the proper tools and training to take care of your trees.

    We can ensure the integrity and health of your trees with proper maintenance. Through proper trimming you can help your trees and bushes stave off insect infestations, disease and bad weather. Using trimming we can direct and disperse the growth of main branches. If you are looking for tree removal near brockton ma, or tree removal south shore ma, give us a call!


    ​​Brockton Tree Company aims to deliver a well-rounded variety of tree services that can benefit the Brockton, Mass area. Our full list of available services includes:

    We offer full detailed explanations of what we provide on our services page. You can at any time request a quote for any of these services through our quote form or by calling in. Our team is quick to answer questions and fulfill quotes.

    Throughout the South Shore Massachusetts area, our professionals have developed a reputation for high-quality work and a keen eye for safety conditions. If you’re unsure of the services you need we are here to help and offer what options are available to achieve your desired look and to maintain the best health of your trees. ​


    There are only a few instances that require full tree removal. Our tree guys know how to identify these times and can make recommendations that are best for your property, safety and yard’s appearance. If you request a tree removal for any reason, know that our Tree Company is prepared for the job with the right equipment.

    In emergency situations, your tree may have sustained damage from lightning, storms, snowfall, or high winds. Failed trees or trees with severely weakened structure need removal. They can be a severe risk to your safety and the safety of others. Whenever a storm hits, take time to evaluate the trees on your property. If you’re not sure whether the damage to your tree is significant or not, call in a professional!

    A sick tree is another time when you might call for removal. Tree sickness can be difficult to identify with just the naked eye. You may want to look for branches with leaves that are off color to the season, brittle bark, or signs of insect infestation. Assessing the health of your tree can be quickly done by professionals. Full tree removal is recommended with some tree disease based on the likelihood of the sickness spreading and the structural integrity of the tree. If the tree poses a safety risk, removal may be recommended. If the tree is likely poisoning the ecosystem around it, call for tree removal!

    In the event, the tree is dead or failed removal is not only necessary but important in preventing damage. If the tree is fallen, ensure the power lines and utility structures near your property have been unaffected. If the tree is dead, contacting a professional can ensure the safe removal of the tree. As dead trees are unpredictable they pose risks throughout the removal process. Our Brockton tree service is prepared with the correct equipment and knowledgeable, well-trained staff. ​


    Our company was established over 5 years ago and services Brockton Massachusetts. With a full team of experienced, knowledgeable, our trained staff know their trees! We are constantly on standby with the tools and equipment to get any job done right the first time. No tree or job is too big for our team.

    Although we take on big jobs all the time we keep our primary goal on safety. Brockton Tree Company always works with safety as our top priority and offers emergency tree services knowing what risks they pose to you and your property. From timely emergency tree services to standard trimming, every job is approached with a full assessment of any safety concerns first.

    We enjoy working with our clients to achieve the appearance they are looking for and promoting the health of their yard. Your concerns about safety or the health of your plants are our concerns too. If you have questions about the health of your trees, bushes, or hedges, never hesitate to speak with one of our arborists about your concerns or options. Our trained professionals are able to make quick assessments and offer recommendations that are focused on safety and aesthetic.

    We continue working hard to deliver top quality tree services throughout the South Shore Mass area. Working with our clients to ensure full satisfaction and peak safety conditions.

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    Trees are vital to their immediate ecosystem as well as our ecosystem. Their root system maintains the health of the soil in the area and they contribute to the overall health of surrounding plant life. What tree care professionals do is help trees, shrubs, bushes, and hedges maintain peak health, grow sustainably and maintain their structure.

    Our professionals understand why trees should be trimmed. If too much is removed the tree isn’t given the opportunity to recover and it will never grow to its full potential. Additionally, if cuts made during pruning aren’t clean the damage can affect the direction of future growth. Arborists understand how the cleanliness of cuts and which branches are determined for removal can affect the ability of the tree to sustain its health after.

    Branches should be removed to:

    • train tree growth
    • reduce the tree size
    • remove crisscrossing branches
    • eliminate dead branches
    • thin the canopy to improve airflow and sunlight​

    Although removing branches sounds simple and many homeowners attempt to take on the job themselves, limb removal is dangerous. Using a professional tree service ensures that any trimming is beneficial and done safely.

    Pruning is one of the best preventative measures you can take to ensure the health of your plants. A healthy tree is a safe tree and with proper trimming, you can ensure your trees continued growth and safety. 

    Part of why tree care is important is the visual appeal. Many homeowners and property managers take pride in the outward appearance of their property. This includes trimming back overgrown bushes and hedges as well as maintaining the optimal growth of trees. Trees with proper pruning often produce better fruit and flowering seasons.


    stump grinding brockton ma

    With Brockton Tree's wide range of services, you can be sure that the needs of your yard will be met quickly, safely and with the highest standard in mind. Contact your local tree service company for an estimate or quote on nearly any service. Don’t forget to ask about our free Tree Evaluation service.  We offer a full range of tree removal and trimming services, as well as bush and hedge trimming, an landscaping services. Call today!



    "I was really impressed with their work ethic! They gave me a great reasonable quote and they did an excellent job removing a few very tall trees on my property. They cleaned everything up really well, not leaving behind any branches."

    Oscar F. Brockton

    "We finally decided to have an old stump removed from the backyard to build a stone patio. Brockton Tree Co did a nice clean job grinding that big stump out. I'd recommend them if you're looking for quality work at a decent price."

    Maryann S. Easton

    "Love these guys! Justin and his guys were quick to respond to my request and I was happy with the job they did trimming back some big branches. Will use them anytime I need tree work done."

    Joann T. Brockton

    Areas We Service

    Serving the greater South Shore Massachusetts area we ready to travel. Our wide range of service areas doesn’t stop at our home base of Brockton Massachusetts. We proudly service all of the following regions as well:

    Abington, Avon, Braintree, Bridgewater, Canton, East Bridgewater, Easton, Hanson, Holbrook, Norwood, Randolph, Rockland, South Easton, Stoughton, West Bridgewater, Whitman and more. We also provide tree removal services in Middleboro

    If you’re in any of these areas our services are available for your convenience. Be sure to inform our professionals if you are in need of emergency tree services or have safety concerns. This alerts us that the job may require further safety assessment before getting to work. With safety as our number one concern, our professionals are trained to thoroughly inspect trees before getting to work to ensure safe conditions.

    Tree Cutting FAQ

    What Happens if you Cut all the Branches Off a Tree?

    It is best to take a careful approach when pruning and trimming shrubs and other plants. A question often posed is what happens if you cut all the branches off a tree. There are disadvantages to over-trimming and taking off too much growth. Many customers opt to hire professionals for tree branch removal in Brockton. Overdoing a trimming project negatively impacts the visuals of your yard or landscaping. Some shrubs, plants, and branches grow back healthily after being cut. However, tree pruning in Brockton, MA, may also result in severe consequences. Believe it or not, trimming tall shrubs can cause personal injury and property damage. Weak or diseased trees may fall down if you cut all the branches. Too much pruning will kill some hedges or shrubs, preventing new growth. You want to address disease, which spreads to nearby plants. We specialize in branch removal and tree pruning in Brockton, MA. Our local company protects and improves shrubs, hedges, and other landscaping. Customers trust us for professional tree felling in Brockton and South Shore. Stump grinding and removal often complement this complete cutting service.

    Some customers insist on DIY tree pruning in Brockton or contact us after the job. Here are the best practices to repair and avoid over-trimming.

    • It helps to know the species before or after the tree branch removal in Brockton. Cutting off too much growth may leave your shrubs and hedges looking bare. Knowing the plant species will help prepare you for what to expect after trimming.
    • Our tree specialists in Brockton, MA, recommend pruning less than 20% of the canopy or top portion. Try to avoid cutting all the leaves, needles, flowers, or other foliage. Growth may take time after complete tree branch removal in Brockton and South Shore. 
    • Look at the tree's condition and check for any disease before trimming it. Follow a safe approach when pruning and removing any weak branches. Healthy plants and shrubs will undergo normal vegetative growth. You can always contact our local company for any Brockton tree services. 
    • Add water and mulch if you cut all the branches off your shrubs or hedges. Nutrient-rich soil will foster growth after DIY tree pruning in Brockton. Another tip is to water over-trimmed plants right before the New England winter.

    Trust our professionals for tree branch removal in Brockton and South Shore. Trimming and pruning require knowledge and can sometimes be laborious. Hire our local company to save time and stress. Customers also rely on us for thinning, another tree service in Brockton, MA. We apply a technique to shape the canopy and strengthen branches to stimulate growth. Get a free quote on tree pruning in Brockton, MA. Please call our specialists or fill out the form on this page. We look forward to serving you in South Shore.

    How Long Does it Take to Cut up a Tree?

    There are various reasons why customers need tree services in Brockton, MA. Property owners often ask how long the process takes and what to expect. Tree felling or cutting prevents damage and creates safer outdoor areas. Professional services make things easier on you and require little preparation. Weak or diseased trees are more susceptible to falling and posing a danger. Our services protect property damage often caused by the New England weather. We perform complete and partial jobs, including tree branch removal in Brockton. To finish the project, many customers opt for stump grinding. Our tree specialists also can take out roots to stop destructive underground growth.

    Here are some tips on preparing for your Brockton tree service. 

    • Prior to the cutting, you want to ensure that the space is free of obstruction. Move any lawn furniture, debris, or other items from the work site. Clearing out objects is important before tree felling in Brockton, MA. Preparation on your behalf allows our specialists to get right to work. 
    • Inform your neighbors of the date and time of your scheduled service. Tree and stump removal equipment is loud. Giving nearby Brockton homeowners a heads up will not take them by surprise. Your neighbors will have a chance to move any objects close to the tree removal site. 
    • Our local company prioritizes safety on all projects we do across the South Shore. Only professionals should be in the area during your tree service in Brockton, MA. Also, all our experts are fully licensed and insured. 

    Several factors determine how long it takes to cut up a tree. 

    • Smaller projects like tree branch removal in Brockton may only take 15-30 minutes. Location plays a more significant role than size. Tree felling in Brockton in a cramped area will take longer. 
    • More extensive jobs can take a few hours, depending on the circumstances. Large tree removal in Brockton, MA, is more involved than trimming shrubs. Our specialists offer free quotes to the South Shore and will create the best plan.
    • Stump grinding or removal extends how long your Brockton tree service will take. We can return to the site at a later date if you are pressed for time. Our tree specialists perform stump grinding in Brockton to level the ground. Stump removal goes one step further and takes out the roots.

    Our tree specialists in Brockton, MA, will work with you on the best approach for your service. We offer free quotes to the South Shore to give you an idea of the project scope. Request your estimate by filling out the form on this page for tree service in Brockton, MA.

    How do you Trim a Tall Tree?

    While tall trees look prominent on a property, they become harder to manage as they grow. Problems may occur when the trunk and branches reach new heights. Customers often pose the question; how do you trim a tall tree? You may want to consider hiring professionals for safety reasons. Our tree specialists in Brockton, MA, use the best equipment and tools. DIY trimming runs the risk of personal injury and property damage. Tripod ladders are a must for tree branch removal in Brockton. Other tools include pruning shears, a trimming pole, and a safety harness. It is vital to develop a solid plan before you trim a tall tree on your property. 

    The following warning signs indicate that you need branch removal in Brockton, MA.

    • Trees can obstruct or damage your home or nearby properties as they grow taller. 
    • Dead branches that fall onto the ground and unmanageable growth require service.
    • Tree pruning in Brockton, MA, protects against New England storms and wind damage.

    Sometimes, our specialists advise against DIY trimming projects across the South Shore. In the event of an emergency, we provide 24/7 tree services to Brockton, MA. Contact us immediately if you have branches down on power lines. Our local company also offers felling and large tree removal in Brockton, MA.

    Here are some tips if you have the right equipment and feel confident to trim tall trees.

    • Check and secure the area before you perform the tree branch removal in Brockton.
    • Insert the tripod ladder evenly into the ground using spikes on the legs.
    • Stage the work area close to the tree before starting the removal and trimming.
    • After leveling, climb and attach the safety harness to a strong branch and your waist.
    • Do not lean in during the tree pruning process on your Brockton property.
    • Start carefully trimming the overgrown branches using the shears and the pole. 

    Some customers feel nervous or do not have the correct tools for tree pruning in Brockton, MA. Aggressive branch removal or taking the wrong approach may create further issues. Not having proper knowledge can kill the branches and cause damage. Our local tree specialists in Brockton, MA, have years of experience. We can professionally trim branches that are too high to reach. Also, avoid cutting growth with an upward angle during DIY tree services in Brockton, MA. Our company will assess the health of any trunks, stumps, and branches. We will trim the tall tree for you safely and effectively to ensure future growth. Get a free quote for your South Shore property by calling us or filling out the form on this page. Our professionals guarantee the best results on tree branch removal in Brockton. 

    What Happens if you Leave a Stump in the Ground?

    Some property owners leave a stump in the ground after large tree removal in Brockton, MA. Ultimately, the customer decides on the scope of their cutting service. Our professionals will explain what happens if you leave a stump in the ground. We recommend grinding and removal after tree felling in Brockton. Stumps not only disrupt seamless landscaping but also pose a danger. Leaving this portion of the tree in the ground may cause significant property damage. A stump also creates potential safety issues. Our local company lets you choose the Brockton tree service best for you. We specialize in root and stump removal across the South Shore. Taking the entire tree out of the ground eliminates future problems. Our tree specialists also offer stump grinding in Brockton, MA. Both services offer benefits, and our professionals will work with you on a solution.

    Here is what happens if you leave a stump in the ground.

    • Pest infestation is a potential problem as the wood deteriorates over time. Stump grinding in Brockton prevents insect and rodent colonies. Decaying wood attracts termites, beetles, and carpenter ants. Stump removal in Brockton also reduces the likelihood of beehives and hornet nests. A pest infestation can spread onto other trees on your South Shore property.
    • Property damage is another possibility if you decide against stump removal in Brockton. Root growth breathes new life into trees underneath the ground. Depending on the pattern, your yard or hardscaping may start lifting. Our tree specialists in Brockton, MA, have seen damaged driveways, patios, and sidewalks. Stump removal prevents root growth from destroying foundations or underground piping.
    • Safety hazards are another danger if you leave a stump in the ground. Our tree services in Brockton, MA, will protect your family. The removal minimizes the risk of children tripping in the yard. Stump grinding in Brockton cuts out the wood beneath the ground. Complete large tree removal takes out the roots preventing outdoor surfaces from lifting. Your lawnmower is also less likely to be destroyed when cutting grass over the wood.
    • Bacteria, fungi, moss, and other stubborn plants start inhabiting stumps in the ground. The rotting wood takes on unwanted growth after tree felling in Brockton. Choosing stump grinding prevents having to destroy organisms chemically. Some tree species sprout new shoots or trunks, which will require future service. Waiting on stump removal in Brockton, MA makes for a more difficult job down the line.

    After a tree service, an eyesore is the first visible issue for many South Shore customers. Our local company specializes in removal services and stump grinding in Brockton. We can rip out existing roots from a previous job or do new tree felling. Please fill out the form on this page for a free estimate on stump removal in Brockton, MA.

    Does a Stump Grinder Remove the Entire Stump?

    Customers often inquire about our services, including stump grinding in Brockton, MA. We recommend this process after large tree removal. Stump grinding eliminates creating an eyesore in your yard. The ground on your property will be more level after tree felling in Brockton. Stump removal takes out the roots, where a grinder cuts down most of the wood. Our tree specialists in Brockton, MA, prevent future growth that requires regular maintenance. The answer is yes when asking if a grinder removes the entire stump. Complete tree services in Brockton, MA, make properties safer and more aesthetic. Stump grinding services eliminate hazards, growing sprouts, or eyesores. Our tree specialists always mention one drawback to customers. A grinder leaves roots in the ground that can cause future problems. Stump removal in Brockton prevents issues that may damage your property over time.

    Building a new patio and undergoing construction is not ideal after tree felling. Tell our specialists your upcoming plans for the space. We will inform you if stump grinding in Brockton is the best tree service. Our local company can take out the roots to best protect your property. Complete stump removal in Brockton will leave a hole in the ground. The space must be filled in, but you will not experience root growth. Brockton tree services like stump grinding deliver an extraordinary amount of wood chips. You can add the pieces as mulch to your South Shore landscaping. Another option is to dispose of the remnants with your yard waste. Our tree specialists in Brockton, MA, can also take the wood chips after the stump removal. 

    Hiring professionals gives you long-lasting results where DIY methods are less effective. You can rent a stump grinder or try chemical treatments. Our local company uses top-of-the-line equipment for all tree services in Brockton, MA. Stump removal is a physically extensive job that works best with high-powered machinery. A heavy-duty grinder cuts away the remaining wood in the ground with rotating blades. Our tree specialists in Brockton, MA, are fully licensed and insured to handle the job. We will select the ideal equipment for your stump grinding project. The wood can be cut down during or after your large tree removal in Brockton, MA. Please call or fill out the form to get your free quote on stump grinding in South Shore. Our specialists will assess the scope of work needed for your Brockton tree service.