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Trees are one of the aspects of a property that many managers and homeowners forget require a decent amount of maintenance. Brockton Tree is based in Brockton, but services areas throughout the greater South Shore area. We service areas including: Abington, Whitman, Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Easton, Raynham, Stoughton, Canton, and more throughout Massachusetts’ South Shore region. Tree trimming, large branch trimming, and tree cutting are services from Brockton Tree Company and we deliver consistently high-quality results. ​ Many large branches can become problematic, and if they fall can cause unwanted damage to your property or vehicles. Call today if you have large dead branches that need to be trimmed back, or if a tree is becoming overgrown, or obstructing your view. Often we are called out when large branches are too close to powerlines and must be cut back.  If you need tree trimming call us today! We provide free estimates for all our customers and potential customers. 

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    Why Trim Trees?

    There are four primary reasons that trees need to be trimmed and maintained: health, safety, maintaining form, and directing growth. These are universal and if the tree is trimmed incorrectly can destroy the purpose of pruning at all.

    The health of a tree can be difficult to detect with an untrained eye. Diseased branches, damaged limbs, or decay may seem like they would be obvious. However often these issues go undiagnosed and begin hosting insects and other organisms. Just as a dense thicket of leaves can prevent the inner portion of the tree from receiving proper sunlight or airflow which can be equally damaging. Insufficient airflow or sunlight can lead to disease and restrict growth.

    Trees near bodies of water or trenches face other health concerns. Water sprouts can lead to weakened wood and rob the tree of necessary nutrients. At a low level, sprouts or suckers can lead to structural damage compromising the safety of your tree.

    For safety concerns, proper trimming can maintain a strong structure. Proper trimming can also correct past mistakes and prevent known safety hazards. Trimming is the only method of preventing possible storm damage to young or mature trees!

    Natural tree form and directing growth is best achieved through structure led trimming as well. Stimulating growth in sparse limb regions can direct healthy future growth habits. Pruning can also prevent growth in areas where limbs are too dense.

    When to Hire a Tree Trimmer

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    While some issues require immediate attention, others can wait for the best time of year for your tree. If you can see or notice dead limbs, they need to be removed immediately and by a professional. If decay or disease can easily be spotted from the outside of the tree a professional can further assess the unseen damage. Damaged branches are the same. If a storm has caused recent damage this may be an emergency situation as the structure of the tree may have been significantly compromised.

    For standard pruning and trimming the type of tree only slightly affects the best time of year for trimming. Although some trees will sap during early spring or even late winter it isn’t harmful to the tree. Extreme cold or hot temperatures are regularly avoided to ensure the open spaces don’t have the chance to over dry.

    Call For a Tree Trimming Quote

    Although the national average varies greatly, tree trimming is often much more affordable than renting the equipment and putting in the hours yourself. Our Tree Company Brockton will have the job done right the first time! But, you’ll never know how affordable tree trimming can be without a quote. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate! ​