Emergency Tree Service Brockton MA

Brockton tree companies like ours know the urgency that comes with emergency tree services. We are here to assist you in any emergency situation. Storm-damage affecting trees, causing trees to fall, or damaging your property is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Hazardous trees are another issue that requires immediate servicing. ​

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    Storm damage from harsh climates is difficult to predict or prevent. Snowfall can cause unsteady weight throughout the tree. These conditions can lead to the dangers of falling branches or partial uprooting. While lightning during storms can lead to bark exploding and the wood splintering. In events such as high winds, we often see trees torn apart or uprooted completely. Even heavy rains can cause the soil to become loose, making trees unsteady. All of these are emergency conditions which require immediate attention and correction.


    Young trees are the most likely to take to preventative measures. Through pruning and improving form at early growth stages they are able to develop with equal weight and limb distribution. Additionally, younger trees can also be inspected for early detection of disease, root defects, and branch or trunk defects. All of these issues can be corrected through Brockton Tree Co.

    More mature trees which have experiences improper pruning may require more labor-intensive correction. Preventative measures through corrective pruning can help ease uneven weight. This is done when a previous company “lion tail prunes” trees. Our professionals are well-versed in assessing the physical support needs of mature trees to help prepare for upcoming storms.

    How do I know if I need to call?

    We’ve built a list of questions that lead most property managers to call a tree service company. Homeowners can benefit from taking a similar look at the trees on their property or calling for an inspection! Ask if your trees show any of the following signs:

    1. Do your trees have very large branches?
    2. Are any of the branches low-hanging or detached?
    3. Have any branches fallen from the tree?
    4. Do nearby trees appear sick, dead or have fallen over?
    5. Are there mushrooms growing near the tree, especially the base?
    6. Do all the major branches seem to come from one side or section of the trunk?
    7. Can you see rotten wood in any of the major branches?
    8. Is there a sign of stress such as splits near where the trunk meets the major branches?
    9. Does the trunk have a distinct lean to one side?
    10. Have you recently leveled the soil, dug trenches or installed a walkway near the base of the tree?

    These ten questions can help you decide whether you need immediate services. Answering “yes” to any of these can put your tree at great risk during the next storm to hit your area.

    Calling for Emergency Service

    Our crews are ready to handle emergency tree services with confidence and urgency. They work quickly to assess the damage or level of hazard and recommend the action that would produce the greatest degree of safety.

    If you’ve recently been hit by a storm or high-winds, contact us today for a free estimate.