Bush and Hedge Trimming Services

Our arborists are knowledgeable in the safety of bush and hedge trimming, delivering stunning landscaping. Wild bushes are no problem and overgrown hedges don’t stand a chance! Brockton Tree Company ensures that each plant and yard we come across is given careful consideration before trimming. We don’t stop at household yards. Corporate courtyards, full neighborhoods, and model homes are no problem for Brockton Tree Company. We service the South Shore Massachusetts area which is known for its lush greenery.  Unfortunately, that green landscape requires proper care and maintenance almost year round.

Pruning work is always done with care and with the vision of the final result in mind. We know that for beautiful environments hand trimming and the health of the plant are key in delivering long-term results. The goal is always to deliver a natural look with fresh blooms left intact. ​

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    Why Hire A Professional for Hedge Trimming?

    Brockton Tree Company is full of professionals who take into account the overall appearance and health of the hedge or bush, before trimming. This means, if a natural look is best and will help maintain the health of your plants, then handheld trimmers are our first choice. However, if a more precise and angular cut is what you want mechanical options are taken into consideration.

    Many homeowners or property managers hold on to bushes or hedges not knowing that they have dead or diseased branches. This environment attracts a number of insects and can spread to nearby trees or shrubs. Branches that rub together can wear down supporting branches that can make the bush or hedge unstable. So the next storm to hit your home could lead to substantial damage to your yard.

    Protecting your property is always a priority! Overgrown bushes, hedges, and shrubs can allow for potential security issues. Hedges that overhang your home, or create blind spots in walkways or sidewalks need to be trimmed properly. Additionally, dead limbs that have fallen from the hedge or bush and into walkways can be a safety concern. These could lead to injuries from falls as well as property damage.

    Bringing in a professional ensures:

    • Your lawn looks complemented by the trees, bushes, and hedges
    • Shrubbery is pruned at the best time of year for your bush or hedge
    • Your homes curb appeal is improved
    • All pruning is done with care

    Overall the health of your plant life is taken into consideration by avoiding vital branches. Bushes and hedges, especially dense or short shrubs receive extra benefits from proper grooming. With pruning for optimal health, they are exposed to maximum sunlight for growth and root development.

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    Calling in the professionals means you don’t have to worry about trying to trim your bushes or hedges yourself. You’re guaranteed a professional looking yard, lawn or courtyard that is both naturally appealing and cut to your preferences. All health concerns for your plant are addressed quickly and the safety concerns corrected. Call today for a free quote, or fill in our online quote form to receive more information!