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    ​Tree Removal Cost

    Tree removal can be a difficult decision. For many homeowners, they face not knowing whether it is best to allow a tree to die where it is, if diseased or if the cost of removing the tree and lost curb appeal is worth it. While property managers weigh the costs as well as safety concerns that may be in play during this decision. Brockton Tree Company is here to provide information that will help make your decision easier. Understanding the risks that can come with a diseased or off-balance tree is often the deciding factor for homeowners.

    Deciding to Remove a Tree…

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    Although dead trees can be maintained for the sake of either appearance of wildlife preservation often this is not a long-term solution. It can also be expensive to have the dead portions of the tree removed and leave the rest intact. Take these factors into consideration when deciding whether to remove or not:

    – Species of Tree

    ​Is your tree a desirable species that is known for being hardy? Or, is your tree of a species that is known for breakage, drops a lot of debris, and has shallow roots?

    Common species that have shallow roots that cause property damage, drop a large amount of debris, or have consistent breakage are:

    • Norway Maple
    • Tree of Heaven
    • Siberian Elm
    • Poplars
    • Mulberry
    • Mimosa
    • Willows
    • Box Elder

    Some of these species are known for being easily infected with disease, and insects as well. While select trees on this list are also known for being invasive and can “choke out” other nearby plant life.

    – The health of the tree

    A tree that is more than fifty percent healthy can probably be left and even rehabilitated with proper pruning or trimming. However, if your tree is more than fifty percent damaged its time left is probably already running short. These are often trees that have encountered chemical herbicide.

    Dead branches, trunk cracks or the tree being hollow are signs of declining health. These are all signs of the structure being at risk as well. For homeowners or property managers this is a big safety liability.

    – Safety Risk

    Potentially hazardous trees can be identified easily by taking a step back and viewing the tree. Ask these questions:

    • Is it lopsided?
    • Are branches on one side drooping?
    • Do main branches have multiple cracks?
    • Are there hollows within the trunk?
    • Is there fungus growing near the trunk?
    • Has there been recent trench digging near the trunk?

    All of these are signs that your tree is a safety risk to you, your family, neighbors and your property. Hollows, cracks and low-hanging branches are signs that a tree isn’t weighted evenly. The chance of your tree uprooting, or falling only increases throughout time if these aren’t addressed immediately. However, your tree may be too far gone to regain structural integrity.

    Having Your Tree Removed

    If you’re in the South Shore Massachusetts area, call Brockton Tree Company to have your tree removed! You can also submit a request for a quote online through our quote form, a quick response is always guaranteed.